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Understanding the risks to children

Areas for online risks can be categorised into the 3 C's - Content, Contact and Conduct, and can be commercial, aggressive or sexual in nature as shown in the table below.

esafety risks

Children are keen to explore the online world but are often not mature enough to manage or understand the risks they come across. Helping your child to manage these risks at home can be achieved by asking your child

  • Where they are going and what they see? - this will help you talk about content risk.
  • What they do online? - this will help you understand any conduct risks and see whether they are chatting on anonymous sites or posting comments about themselves.
  • Who they are talking to? - this will help cover the contact risks, particularly if their online friends are people they do not know offline.

It is essential to be realistic - banning the internet or technology will not work and it often makes a child less likely to report a problem. Education around the safe use is essential.


Reporting  Harmful Content Online (provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre)

Reporting and Preventing Radicalisation

iREPORTit App - National public referral tool for counter terrorism internet referral unit

Act Early - Action Counters Terrorism. Confidential advice line for members of the public who are worried about possible exploitation of vunerable children and adults

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