Nightingale Class

Welcome to Nightingale Class, where we are ambitious and courageous like our namesake Florence Nightingale.

We are the Early Years Foundation Stage where learning takes place through purposeful play opportunities that are led and directed by the children. The children have the opportunity to explore the learning environments inside and outside. They play outside in our outdoor learning area in all conditions, so please make sure that your child has appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. They will need a coat, hat and gloves etc in the winter and a sun hat and sun cream in the summer.

Any child's first year at school is the most important stage of their schooling journey. This year provides children with the skills and foundations necessary to later progress onto a more formal approach to learning as they progress through the school.

We strive to ensure all children gain secure personal, social and emotional skills, communication and language and physical skills in order to establish firm foundations, which can later be built upon when learning the academic skills, such as literacy and mathematics.

We send a reading book home every night in your book bag. Please ensure that this comes back into school every day. It is important that your child reads every night to an adult, even if their book has no words. Each stage of their reading journey is important. By hearing your child read at home, you are helping them towards their Elmer Awards.

All EYFS children are entitled to free school dinners, and we send a menu home every week. It helps us enormously if you talk to your child about what they would each day. Your child will need to bring a healthy drink to school daily. Please make sure that their drink bottle is named, as well as all clothing and any snack pots.

We work closely with parents and families to ensure a positive and supportive relationship is developed to enhance the outcomes of all children. We use 'Tapestry' in Nightingale Class, which your parents can access to see what you do while you are in school. You will receive login details from the school, and they can use a link from here or install an app on their device.

At home time, we will only allow you or an agreed adult to collect your child. If someone else is picking up your child, please inform an adult or the school office.

Children will be given various homework tasks to complete.

Homework may include phonics and handwriting, as well as numeracy, but also fun tasks that tie into our learning. Daily reading also forms an important part of your child's homework.

Please also take a look at the following links where you can find some interesting reads to help and support your child within their development and learning.


Here are some useful links to help with reading and writing:

Jolly Phonics


Mr Thorne 

Here are some links to support number skills:


Subtract with a Pirate


Mrs Mobbs is your Class Teacher. She is supported by Miss Saunders, Miss Ramsey and Mrs Lapwood

Our Topics for the Year

Autumn 1 - All About Me
Autumn 2 - Superheros! & Winter Wonderland
Spring 1 - Animal Kingdom
Spring 2 - To Infinity and Beyond
Summer 1 - Once Upon a Time
Summer 2 - Under the Sea