Farah Class

Welcome to Farah Class, where we continually strive to achieve greatness like our namesake Mo Farah.

In Farah Class, we still have carpet time but we spend more time working at our tables than we did last year.   We play outside in our outdoor learning area in all conditions, so please make sure that you have appropriate clothing for the weather.  Your child will need a coat, hat and gloves etc in the winter and a sun hat and suncream in the summer. 

Our door opens at 8.40am, and children need to be in class by 8.45 am for the register. Learning begins immediately so please help your child to be punctual.  We encourage a greater degree of responsibility and independence in Year 2 so please remind your child to tell an adult if they have a note/letter etc in their bag.

We send a reading book home every night in their book bag. Please ensure that this comes back into school every day. It is important that your child reads every night to an adult for around 10 minutes.  Each stage of your child's reading journey is important.  By hearing your child read at home, you are helping them towards their Elmer Awards.  Throughout the year, when a child demonstrates sufficient reading and comprehension skills, they will be assessed to see if they are ready to join the Renaissance Reading programme.

We have PE lessons on Wednesdays throughout the Autumn Term, so please make sure your child has a full named indoor and outdoor PE kit in school.  Earrings must be removed for PE, and long hair must be tied back. Staff are not permitted to remove earrings for a child, or put them in. A spare hair band kept in school for PE would be useful.

Your child will need to bring a drink to school daily.  Please make sure that their drink bottle is named, as well as all their clothing and any snack pot or lunch box. All children will receive a piece of free fruit for snack but may bring an alternative piece of fruit. Please make sure any grapes are sliced in half lengthways.

Like all classes, we have a Growth Mindset board to encourage us with our learning, and a Recognition Board where your name is written if you have shown the particular skill looked for that week.  We encourage a Growth Mindset throughout the school to foster an attitude of perseverance.

At home time, we will only allow you or an agreed adult to collect your child. If someone else is picking up your child, please inform an adult or the school office.

Children will be given various homework tasks to complete. Please remind your child to complete their homework, which they should be able to do independently. Homework will usually be set on a Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. It should take around 15 minutes. Daily reading also forms part of your child's homework.

Children in Year 2 will sit their KS1 SATS Tests during May/June. We try to ensure that the children are unaware that they are taking a test so that they do not become stressed. Please note that leave will not be authorised for this time.

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In Farah Class, our Teacher is Miss Brown. She is supported by Mrs Warren and Mrs Ramsey. 

Our Topics for the Year

Autumn 1 – On the move (focused on the different types of transport and how it has changed overtime)
Autumn 2- Hakuna Matata (exploring animals and their habitats)
Spring 1 – Towers, Tunnels and Turrets (Investigating castles and the surrounding history)
Spring 2 – The world around us (looking at different countries and the similarities and differences in cultures)
Summer 1 – Great Fire of London
Summer 2 – Enchanted Woodland (Thinking about plants and examining the difference between living and non-living things)