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Remote learning Provision

Please see below for details for Elm Halls remote learning offer for any children who are required to self-isolate.

Coronavirus Updates

Information below will explain how the new government guidelines will impact on the children’s return to school for September 2021 and the new procedures that will be place.

Arrival and Departure

School officially starts at 8.40am with the gates open at 8.35am. Children are to be in class at 8.45am at the latest. Please come to the front gate and use the one-way system through the playground and out through the staff car park.

School finishes at 3.00pm. The gate will be open from 2.55pm and parents are able to enter the playground and wait for their children to be shown out of class. Once collected please exit via the one-way system.

Hygiene in School

We will continue to preserve a rigorous routine of cleaning and sanitising at school as last year and we will be reminding your children about the importance of thoroughly washing their hands and other relevant personal hygiene expectations. E.g. Covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough. 

In order to re-assure you and the adults within school, staff will continue to test regularly twice a week and to report the results to the NHS and the school.


On the day that a class has P.E. or Games they will be asked to wear their P.E. kit to school and will be remain in this all day.  The intention is to minimise crowded changing situations and to ensure that the children do not lose any time changing at the beginning and end of a lesson.

Self-Isolation (adults and children)

The main changes as directed by central government revolve around the fact that adults who have been double jabbed, and children under the age of 18 are not required to self-isolate if one of their family has symptoms or is diagnosed with Covid unless they are displaying symptoms themselves.  Under these circumstances your child should stay at home and will be asked to take a test. However, please be aware that under certain circumstances there may be exceptions to this status.

Social Distancing

Whilst social distancing is not currently a legal requirement we would ask for your care and co-operation when delivering and picking up your children and/or visiting the school.  We would appreciate it if anyone with any possible symptoms stays away from the school and seek a Covid test.

Outbreak Within a School

The DfE defines an outbreak as two or more associated cases.  Should this occur we will work with local and national health advisers to determine the best course of action. Please be aware that this could still include sending home a group, class or classes and in an extreme situation, the whole school.

Children Displaying Symptoms At School

If a child is displaying any of the published Covid symptoms whilst at school head teachers have the right to isolate the child from the rest of the class and ask the family to take the child home.  We would ask for your full co-operation under these circumstances as this is not optional.  If your child is sent home for this reason you will be asked to arrange a Covid test for them and to report the result to the school.

Remote Learning

Should your child need to self-isolate at home for any reason remote learning will be put in place by the school via DB Primary.


All Children are expected to return to school at the start of term in September 2021. Full attendance is required therefore any absence must be supported by medical evidence or penalty notices will be issued.

Children must not attend school if they feel unwell, however there is an expectation that parent/carers will engage in the test and trace programme, please see link below:

NHS test and trace: how it works - GOV.UK

Elm Hall will respond to a confirmed case by liaising with the DfE and Local Authority which may result with closing a relevant ‘bubble’ (the class) for a 14-day isolation period and deep clean the classroom and facilities. Siblings of isolated pupils would also have to isolate for 14 days but not their corresponding ‘bubble’.

Children will not be required to wear face masks in school.  Should your child use a mask travelling to and from school they will be asked to keep the mask in their school bag for the duration of the school day.

Further DFE guidelines are available on the link below should you wish to read more about government plans to reopen in September:

Emergency Closure Procedures: In the event of school closure or the requirment for a 'class' to self-isolate, we will notify parents and carers as soon as possible via SchoolPing. If you are not registered for Ping please enquire at the school office. 

Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Support for Pupils Returning to School

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