Meet the Elm Hall Governors


The Governing Body oversees the running of the school in all its aspects.The full Governing Body meets at least once a term and the finance committee meet half termly, sub-committees meet as and when necessary.

The role of the Governors includes

  • Provide strategic direction and challenge, which supports the aims and ethos of the school
  • Have roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined
  • See Policy decisions are informed by high quality dialogue and active partnership between Governors and staff.
  • Be involved in the SDP development and review the plan at appropriate times.
  • Carry out their statutory duties consistently. Termly meetings are held and committees monitor the curriculum, Staffing, Budget, Admissions and Buildings.
  • Be competent, decisive and realistic, evidenced in numerous ways, e.g. Development of the school site and contribution to the culture for learning within the school
  • Play a key role in the successful appointments procedures
  • Provide excellent support and challenge to the Head Teacher
  • Form a committee responsible for the Appraisal of the Head Teacher.
  • Act as a critical friend and hold senior leaders to account for the school’s performance and pupil attainment.
  • Access training and support provided by the Local Authority (for maintained schools) or other agencies.
  • Engage in a clearly defined induction process.
  • Have visited school and spent time in classrooms
  • Oversee development in English/Mathematics/Computing/ Health and Safety, Child Protection and Special Educational Needs
  • Ensure all safeguarding requirements are fully met
  • Ensure that the Pupil Premium and other resources are used to overcome barriers to learning.


Our Governors

Each Attain Academy Partnership academy is accountable to the Trust Board. The Local Governing Bodies facilitiate this and ensure that the academies within the Trust can realistically meet the requirements of the Trust.

The Local Governing Body consists of appointed and elected members from all sections of the community. They can be parents, staff at the school, residents in the locality or representatives of local businesses.

The aim of the Local Governing Body is to make sure that the academy is a safe, happy and pleasant environment for the children and staff to learn and play together.  They ensure that the education your child receives is the best that can be provided.

The Governors meet every half term as a Local Governing Body to discuss specific areas of academy business. Governors attendance at LGB meetings may be found below.

Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interest can be viewed here: Link currently being updated.

Governors Scheme of Delegation can be found within the Governor Handbook : Link currently being updated.


Governance Structure

On 1st January 2019 Elm Hall became part of a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) known as Attain Academy Partnership (Attain).  The MAT has its own Board of Trustees and Elm Hall has its own Local Governing Body, which is accountable to the Trustees Board.

The Trust Board has delegated to Elm Hall Local Governing Body responsibility for the day-to-day governance of the school, for monitoring and evaluating progress and attainment and for supporting and challenging the leadership of the school to ensure high quality teaching, good behaviour and financial probity.


Co-opted Governors:

Mrs Jan Marshall (Chair) -  Date of Appointment- 01.01.2019, End of Term- 01.01.2023

Mrs Suzi Nugara (Vice Chair) - Date of Appointment- 01.01.2019, End of Term- 01.01.2023

Mr Karl Hearne -  Date of Appointment- 01.01.2019, End of Term- 01.01.2023

Parent Governors:

Mr Steve Baker - Date of Appointment- 01.01.2019, End of Term- 01.01.2023

Mrs Nicola Knights - Date of Appointment- 01.01.2019, End of Term- 01.01.2023


The Headteacher:

Mr Michael Wood - Ex Officio

Training Link Governor:

Mrs Victoria Waller - Date of Appointment- 01.01.2019, End of Term- 01.01.2023


Name Role Meetings Attended Out of a possible
Local Governing Body   LGB  
BAKER Steve Parent 4 7
HEARNE Karl Co-opted 7 7
KNIGHTS Nicola Parent 3 4 appointed 8.2.18
NUGARA Suzi Co-opted 5 7
WALLER Vikki Staff Governor 5 6 appointed 18.10.18
WOOD Mike Headteacher 7 7
MARSHALL Jan  Co-opted  4  4
Finance Committee      
NUGARA Suzi Co-opted / Chair ** 4 4
WOOD Mike Headteacher 4 4



The work of the Governing Body is largely unseen, but it is very important to the overall smooth running of the school. Each governor serves for a fixed term. Minutes of all meetings are held in the school and may, given reasonable notice, be viewed at the request of any parent. Governors will be pleased to receive any views parents may have.

Governors are required to declare any relevant business interests that could present a conflict of interest including whether they are a governor at another school. None of our Governors have declared any such interest.


The Chair of Governors can be contacted at or directly at

Local Governing Body Pecuniary and Business Interests Declarations